September 27, 2006

Try something new today!!

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Have you ever wondered about your life and why is it so boring. Why are people tense, depressed and stressed? I know why, because there are too many uncontrollable factors that surround us and we cant handle them i.e. keeping your job, paying your bills, managing your life and etc. I call them uncontrollable because the decisions we make effect us is some way or another and there is no way of escaping it, unless you try something new each day.

You dont have to think too hard, just simple ideas that pop into your head, note them and create a action to achieve within a certain period. For example, I have decided I will say “Hi” and follow it with a “How are you doing” to at-least five people each day. This will make it a total of 35 people each week. The reason why I propose this action is because I have seen and felt this enormous social gap in our society. We the people define and create the society around us, if we are too involved in your own life’s, the fabric of society is diminished. To many people walk around with Ipods, listening hits that don’t matter or very little connection with their audience. Canada is at the critical stage of multiculturalism and the world is becoming more and more globalized.

Its time to make a change and change the world.


Globe and Mail: Musharraf Tells Canada

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In a recent interview by a CBC, Musharraf tells Canada like never before. His blunt style almost shocked me, but later I realized he was speaking the truth. North Americans don’t realize the significance of a war because the media keeps censoring the content in effort to win people’s confidence of war. When people don’t realize whey troops are dyeing, the impact it has on people is far greater then showing the people of the real danger. No matter how well the troops are equipped with high tech weapons, casualties will happen.

It seems to me that more money gets spent on preventing people from dyeing is out of our control then money spent on things that we have actually control of. Fighting terrorism will only bring more terrorism. We are no longer living in the 20th century, war is not a patriot anymore but a regretful path. In order to understand this better, lets take two sides of the war, one; we know war does not stop violence but only strengths its roots and two; if we know war strengths more violence then why do we go to war, well to gain political friendship to to profit in some or another.

The classic example would be the invasion of Iraq. New intelligence has shown, radical extremism has grown even more by invading Iraq. If the purpose of the invasion was to bring democracy why has the opposite happened. If we know, the reason is that fighting is no longer the answer, then why is war going on. There are many conclusion one can come up with, but the point will remain the same till the end of time, STOP FIGHTING, no good will ever come out of it.

NEW PHILOSOPHY: Change your Mind; Change the World

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Yes I am back with a new view of the world. Blogging was in mind for a very long time, but I never really found out a valid reason to pursue it. Then it hit me, I dont have to think of a brillant idea in order to keep me focused on posting blogs, no it was by looking the world around me that affected the way I meet people, interact and resolve my daily problems.

So I have decided to invest my time on reading the newspaper almost everyday and pick a article that most interests me and talk about it. I have also planned a daily routine that I think will benefit a lot of people if you put in the effort. So today I will provide the first taste of my new venture.

August 8, 2006

Why MAC OS Leopard?

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Recently, Steve Jobs released new details about the next Mac OS called Leopard, an upgrade from last years OS called Tiger. Since I am new user to the Apple world of constant upgrade to either iPods, MacBooks or OS systems, I had figured out the reason why Apple does this. To keep new customers exicted about Apple, steve keeps releasing new iPods with different sizes or releasing new OS systems and recently upgrading all Macs with Intel chips. I hope Apple keeps it this way because I dont want steve to get a new deal with AMD chips.

So, sticking with my philopshy of Apple strategy, I have to say I am really exicted about new Leopard coming next spring. There are actually two really crazy features I cant wait to try out.

  • First the new Time Machine add-on which lets you backup your files automatically and be able to restore your lost files, very similar to Windows XP’s restore system but the Mac’s version is way cooler and so easy.
  • Second the Web Clip widget feature which lets any user create their own widgets from any site they are interested with simple four clicks of a mouse. I think this feature will easily replace my RSS feeds which I constantly keep checking with dull and boring news updates.

August 3, 2006

Florida Voting Machine, 2002, Bush

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Florida Voting Machine, 2002, Bush

July 16, 2006

MacBook: 3Vs3 Review

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One more person to have switched from PC to Mac and its not because of the new Apple commericals that dipict two men representing PC and Mac. Although it did make me laugh but there are more legitimate reasons why I switched over to a Mac.

1. Since the new Mac’s are now equiped with Intel Core-Duo Processors, its always me to play around Windows Xp to if I wanted but so far there has been no urgent need to try it out.
2. Well, since I have been using PC’s for quite a while, you would think, it would be hard to adjust to a whole new user interface. Well, wrong, if you look at what Microsoft is doing with its new Windows Vista, Apple has already achieved it in its OS. So naturally it felt way more confortable using the Mac then I would have ever imagined.

Now to get down to the 3Vs3 review of the MacBook.

pRo’s: 1. With dual-core processor, its incredibly fast and it never crashes. 2. Amazing software called the iLife 06 that has all the necessary applications I would ever need such as iPhoto, iTunes, iDvd, iMovie, and iCal which by the way seems a lot similar to new Google’s calander. 3. Lastly its very stylish and with glossy 13.1 screen, its incredibly bright and produces no harmful effects on the eyes.

There are several cOn’s with the MacBook also: 1. The fan at the back gets really hot and gets really worried. Since the MacBook runs on Intel’s new chip a lot of software avaliable are not compatiable and I hope Apple does something about it really fast. Lastly I cant think of anything so far, since I have only spent like two weeks on it.

Final thoughts: So far everything has been running really smoothly and I hope it keeps that way for a long time, and I dont know how but I feel very much in control of my laptop.

June 29, 2006

Extreme Freestyle Soccer Skills

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Have a look at these amazing skills, taking footbal to a whole new ball game.

May 24, 2006

“Lost” Season Finale review

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If anyone been following Lost as crazy as I was, you would have been disappointed at the ending. The character Desmond is resurrected again, and started a chain reaction worth applauding for. The finale also brought up several questions which needs to be answered such as the statue of a cut of leg with 4 toes, or what will happen to Walt and his father.

Too many questions need to be answered yet we need to wait another year or so to find out. I hope the next season answers the origin of Island and hope they stop recaping soo much.

May 23, 2006

New Al Qud Jeans

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After watching a glimpse on CBC news, I needed to know what was so special about these jeans. Reading at some of the news about it, Al Qud meaning Jerusalem, is designed in Italy and manufactured in Pakistan.

Hearing about it, I thought this was a good way to capitalize at the Muslim market all across the world. Although it is true because why else would they name it Islamic jeans, the design also offers extra length waist line, pockets for numerous Islamic accessories and comfortable length when prying.

So far, the online store has not yet opened, but don’t just rely exclusively on the website, numerous retail outlets will be taking a big chunk at the new established market.

May 21, 2006

Wendy’s questionable Marketing

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I am sure everybody who watches TV, has probably seen the new Wendy’s commercial regarding their new “Squid” and “Fpoon” deserts. Has it accrued to anybody that why such marketing tactics are popular. Well I know why, because its easier to announce to a new word or phrase, even though it may sounds absolutely absurd and serve no purpose then to grab more attention among youths.

With most of North American’s kids relying on fast-food restaurants since almost 50% of them are obese, lack potential writing, and reading skills, any signs of increase in Wendy’s sales or kids repeating such terms shows how marketing posses no intellectual integrity. Rather to motivate more kids to eat healthy, and stay active, marketers a promoting savvy phrases that benefit no one themselves.

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