May 30, 2005

Long awaited journey to Pakistan

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aYy. finally get the chance to visit pakistan my homeland. It has been 8 years since I had emmgrated to Canada so it will take quite adjustement until I get the hang of the place. My cousin will be taking all over the country which I am really exicted about. Tomorrow will be my plane heading to England, then to Abu Dahbi and then to Karachi. I’ll probably updated my blog since I will be taking my Laptop too with me.

Pakistan here I come.


May 29, 2005


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Actores: Orlando Bloom, Brendan Gleeson , Eva Green, Jeremy Irons, Liam Neeson.
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One of my favourite movies out this year until WAR OF THE WORLDS comes out but honestly I really enjoyed this movie because of how honorable and powerful the director protrayed the Muslims. Jerulism the center piece or rather the focal point displayed as the land both the Muslims and Christians scarifice thousands of knights and sultans to posses. This exact conflict is evident through out today and forever will remain to be a conflict until everyone will realize that the prize at which they pay to kill inocent people is worth nothing for a piece of land.

Rating: A+

May 24, 2005

ColdPlay, plays another great single!

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Speed Of Sound Offically out in stores. One of the best singles I have heard in a while. Chek out there new Speed Of Sound video on BeWare Posted by Hello

May 22, 2005

Star Wars the final saga!

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Finally got the chance to see Star Wars Revenge of the Sith today. Amazing Visuals, mediocer script but it is worth it at the end when skywalker became Dark Vador. If you havent seen the last 5 movies, this will definility urgue to go explore the Star Wars legacy. Posted by Hello

May 21, 2005


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Heres my bud chilling at the Mod Club in Toronto to see Billy Talent. Rock On. Posted by Hello

Movie Review: SIDEWAYS

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Starting Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh
Directed by: Alexander Payne

I really enjoy movies that take a daily life event between people and spin it around so there are several life stories being captured at the same time and eventually end in a dramatic ending. This movie takes a exact route, with two long time college freshman room mates finally deciding to take a time and enjoy their life which is in the brink of boredum. With really interesting and beautiful images of the Wine country and its taste will make anyone decided to also think of a hobby to pursue upon. Ofcourse there will be sexual interactions which I think really makes a movie stand up, because unlike simple sex in main stream movies, Sideways makes the viewer think of what really happens before.

Rating: B+. Great Photography, compeling characters, and lots more.

May 19, 2005


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Any System Of A Down fans as my self. There is a new video of B.Y.O.B in their website. Amazing video and amazing song. Chekit.

May 18, 2005

Vaction A Done Deal!!

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Am finally getting my Pakistani Passport today. I will be off by the end of May for two months enjoying the cutlture once again. I will be posting messages here and there of my travels, hopefully with some pictures.

“Life Only Comes Around Once, Make It Right”


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Heres just a drawing I did a while back. I just love illustrating the sun and effects on the ocean. The man symbolizes onlyness, lost and need of quidence. Hope you like it.  Posted by Hello

May 17, 2005


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My sisters bday..  Posted by Hello

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