August 25, 2005

Booming Video On Demand

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When the first time I saw RealPlayer showcase TV shows on the net, I thought why would anybody want to sit in front of their computer and watch regular TV shows when you could watch it on your TV. With the introduction of High Speed Internet which currently now 50% of Americans and Canadains own, its now surprise Microsoft, Yahoo and etc are fighting to get the cusumers on their media mania. Marketers have realized TV, Magazines, Newspapers are the only ways of attracking consumers. Since the amount of information sent on High Speed internet is 100 times better then dail-up, TV Commericals you see on the TV can now be seen on your computer with ofcourse a little more advertisment more like hitting two birds with one shot.

We all know computers are not really comfortable place to enjoy watching movies and etc . So you will soon see the integration of computers and TV’s. Marketing has reached so high that everything will be interconnected and we would be bombarded with such immence wave of advertisement there would be no escape.

More or less I am really enjoying watching free content on the internet, because it lets me control of what I watch. Maybe there is a good side to it at all.


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