September 7, 2005

MacDonald’s, Cultureliminator

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Ahh the smell of open air, hot day at the busiest airport in Pakistan, I am back home finally after 8 years of living in North America, I needed a much deserved break. But something is not right, from far it seems a big M standing, when I get closer I fear the worst and it was the worst thing that I could experience, see MacDonald’s right in from of my face as soon I exit the gates of the airport. As you are probably wondering what does Cultureliminator means well it comes from the famous Arnold’s phrase Eliminator of all machines, MacDonald’s is the Cultureliminator of the world. Why do I hate the MacDonald’s franchise and its occupation to cover every block with fast food restaurant in the world. Fist of all whenever I see MacDonald’s, I imagine obese Americans who are incredible overweight and MacDonald’s is one of the prime reasons. Second I see a corporation who doesn’t see any wrong with slaughtering mass amount of animals in one minute under the most brutal and disgusting Boucher machine. And lastly every country has its own food, its own culture and takes advantage of the fruits and vegitables it grows in its land. It should be treated with respect and appricated with full content. MacDonald’s on the other hand takes that away from the people and seduces them into Fast Food culture.

I say No to such Corportation, Whos with me.


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