March 14, 2006

Real Life Simpons

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March 10, 2006

“16 Blocks” movie with a message

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I don’t know about you, but everytime I see Bruce Willis in a movie he is always playing the role of a cop. Don’t get me wrong, he one of the best actors in Hollywood, but he needs to play a different role once in a while to establish himself in a Oscar position. Another new actor Mos Def, who played a amazing role in this movie, needs to be recognized and I suspect he would be inline with major motion pictures studio’s in the future. Both Bruce and Mos were great together and displayed emotions and chemistry

People can change, a major theme in the movie shows, its never too late to make a difference and that’s where Bruce Willis character comes into the play. Along with him, Mos Def who also sees a better future for himself and the only way he can make that happen lies in the hand of Bruce Willis character. In a case of god cop vs bad cop, Bruce Willis must make a decision between his fellow police officers or the character of Mos def. With suspense at every corner and fast often unpredictable situation makes this movie one of the best movies out this year.

March 8, 2006

“The Broker” by John Grisham Review

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From the top, anyone interested in learning the culture, language to some extent, and people about Italy should really read this book. In some ways it as quick tour guide if you ever wanted to travel the streets of Milan, or Bologna and savior the taste of fresh coffee and exquisite bakery.

Joel Backman, a powerful broker in state of Washington or the whole United States for that matter, get his hand on something which invendently gets the best of him. Through the help of the President soon to be kicked out of the Oval Office and a long CIA executive, Backman gets sent to a European country for a special mission which will determine the future of satellite domination.

John Grisham, another unknown author to me, provides a very complex story but at the same time makes it imaginable with descriptive analysis of characters, and situation. The story not only gives a amazing back drop where Backman must survive and become costumed to the culture, and language but it gives a discomfort overview of the world of satellite. What I mean by discomfort is not about not understand what the book is talking about but rather the control which developing nations have over us. No one is the world is safe anymore, with globalization erupting everywhere, the world has never seem so small before.

Great read accept the at the end of the book, where everything seems to happen so fast with multiple storylines coliding together to give the whole picture.

March 7, 2006

Got Sony’s CyberShot Pro SLR “DSCH1” Camera

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Having I been waiting to get my hands a professional camera, all I can say, it’s been too long. When I first got my digital camera, it was Sony’s CyberShot DSC P series, it did it’s job and it got really good pictures when I went to Pakistan but deep inside I was never satisfied, I wanted something more powerfull and more control.

So I summoned the courage to search for the ultimate consumer freindly, professional SLR and comparing one and other, I finally reached my verdict. Sony’s CyberShot DSCH1 series is one heck of a camera. With amazingly large screen (2.5″), fastest power switch considering a high-end camera, and as light as my orginal camera.

One of the reasons, why I went to bought such a expensive and quality camera because whenever I would strike a pose at a picture, I would be blown away, baffled, and I would want to achieve the same result. My DSCH1, out performs everything I imagined in a Digital Camera, it gives me the power of precision in several multitudes, the control of every shot and the quality I strive for so much.

With its 12x Optical Zoom, 48x Digital Zoom, it gets the picture I always want. To better view the results, it provides a 2.5 inch viewing screen for greater satisfaction, and ergonomically placed controls that get the job done as fast as possible. With Multitude of features, Sony CyberShot is one digital camera no one should miss out on.

March 2, 2006

Video games targeted as violence’s common denominator

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Imagine a kid leaving his home to go to school where he believes he is getting into a education environment, making friends, and just have fun but suddenly finds out will soon end with two other teenagers who want to create violence and express their anger on other individuals. You don’t have to imagine that because it has already happened, in the case of Columbine High School and you would probably know about it in the movie of Bowling for Columbine by Roger Moore. Several policticans and parents didn’t understand as to why would 15 or 16 years would do such things and if it is anger, where is it coming from. During the same time, video games had been becoming increasingly popular and in different genres, first-person shooter was a major hit in the mind of teenagers.

So a logical conclusion policticans stated was that Video games created a virtual environment for teenagers to target an object or a person and eliminate them repetitively. In the movie by Roger Moore, he argues that the same day which Columbine incident took place, earlier that morning President Bill Clinton ordered a massive attack on a foreign country, or that the same state has no sigificant security in place to stop under-age individuals to possess a fire arm. Why was it so easy to blame on video games, well because it was easy, nobody took the time to understand, the environment those two teenagers lived in, or the community, the government policies, or basic parental support.

More and more I see the blame of Toronto’s violence being blamed on video games, or banning of certain video games that show explicit images or mature content gameplay. I my self have played lots of first-person shooter before and never in my life ever thought of actually going out and doing harm to an individual. The key factors that make that violence take place is the environment they live in, the education system, the government itself to some extent and youth support. Its time to take away the video games as a escapegoat and start funding communities to overcome the violence

March 1, 2006

Video Games combating traditional media

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With growing sales of video games identified around the world, the more I see the impact of video games has in our society, the more worried and concerned I become. You might ask as to why, well because I have been there and I have experienced the consequences I placed in motion when I took that controller and spent my early youth playing video games.

Through my experience, I will point out the major factors that contribute to the decay of youthful matter because of video games. As one of my English teachers told me once, the great wealth of information and knowledge the North American possess is its literature. Authors of such a large number of backgrounds, providing us with crucial and often legitimate information that can help us understand the world better. Aside from the Internet which has brought the world even closer, the lack of knowledge about culture, religions, personal behaviors and self full-fillment is still there.

Since most of the mentality produced in the North American society which is, if something that brings personal satisfaction closer at affordable price, should be obtained in any way. What is the major significance of that statement. Well studying Economics, the Marginal Utility states that the extra unit of something consumed or acquired depreciates. Meaning, the personal benefit of acquiring something that only benefits the human desire does not last, but grows the desire to consume more.

The reason as to why I provided such a insight is because I wanted to explain the addiction most of the youth have been costumed to. Where ever we go, video games have controlled most of the aspect of our lives and further opened a whole with never-ending cycle of money expenditure and time consumption. Most of youths do not perform well to their expectation in high school, college or even university. That energy placed in front of the television should be refocused towards reading books, international news, and writing about their views through the use of Internet or other traditional means of media.

Looking into a even bigger picture, I believe this is the era should be more focused towards helping human torture, suffering and misery out and less on acquiring needs which do not help but show social status.

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