March 1, 2006

Video Games combating traditional media

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With growing sales of video games identified around the world, the more I see the impact of video games has in our society, the more worried and concerned I become. You might ask as to why, well because I have been there and I have experienced the consequences I placed in motion when I took that controller and spent my early youth playing video games.

Through my experience, I will point out the major factors that contribute to the decay of youthful matter because of video games. As one of my English teachers told me once, the great wealth of information and knowledge the North American possess is its literature. Authors of such a large number of backgrounds, providing us with crucial and often legitimate information that can help us understand the world better. Aside from the Internet which has brought the world even closer, the lack of knowledge about culture, religions, personal behaviors and self full-fillment is still there.

Since most of the mentality produced in the North American society which is, if something that brings personal satisfaction closer at affordable price, should be obtained in any way. What is the major significance of that statement. Well studying Economics, the Marginal Utility states that the extra unit of something consumed or acquired depreciates. Meaning, the personal benefit of acquiring something that only benefits the human desire does not last, but grows the desire to consume more.

The reason as to why I provided such a insight is because I wanted to explain the addiction most of the youth have been costumed to. Where ever we go, video games have controlled most of the aspect of our lives and further opened a whole with never-ending cycle of money expenditure and time consumption. Most of youths do not perform well to their expectation in high school, college or even university. That energy placed in front of the television should be refocused towards reading books, international news, and writing about their views through the use of Internet or other traditional means of media.

Looking into a even bigger picture, I believe this is the era should be more focused towards helping human torture, suffering and misery out and less on acquiring needs which do not help but show social status.


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