March 2, 2006

Video games targeted as violence’s common denominator

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Imagine a kid leaving his home to go to school where he believes he is getting into a education environment, making friends, and just have fun but suddenly finds out will soon end with two other teenagers who want to create violence and express their anger on other individuals. You don’t have to imagine that because it has already happened, in the case of Columbine High School and you would probably know about it in the movie of Bowling for Columbine by Roger Moore. Several policticans and parents didn’t understand as to why would 15 or 16 years would do such things and if it is anger, where is it coming from. During the same time, video games had been becoming increasingly popular and in different genres, first-person shooter was a major hit in the mind of teenagers.

So a logical conclusion policticans stated was that Video games created a virtual environment for teenagers to target an object or a person and eliminate them repetitively. In the movie by Roger Moore, he argues that the same day which Columbine incident took place, earlier that morning President Bill Clinton ordered a massive attack on a foreign country, or that the same state has no sigificant security in place to stop under-age individuals to possess a fire arm. Why was it so easy to blame on video games, well because it was easy, nobody took the time to understand, the environment those two teenagers lived in, or the community, the government policies, or basic parental support.

More and more I see the blame of Toronto’s violence being blamed on video games, or banning of certain video games that show explicit images or mature content gameplay. I my self have played lots of first-person shooter before and never in my life ever thought of actually going out and doing harm to an individual. The key factors that make that violence take place is the environment they live in, the education system, the government itself to some extent and youth support. Its time to take away the video games as a escapegoat and start funding communities to overcome the violence


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