March 7, 2006

Got Sony’s CyberShot Pro SLR “DSCH1” Camera

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Having I been waiting to get my hands a professional camera, all I can say, it’s been too long. When I first got my digital camera, it was Sony’s CyberShot DSC P series, it did it’s job and it got really good pictures when I went to Pakistan but deep inside I was never satisfied, I wanted something more powerfull and more control.

So I summoned the courage to search for the ultimate consumer freindly, professional SLR and comparing one and other, I finally reached my verdict. Sony’s CyberShot DSCH1 series is one heck of a camera. With amazingly large screen (2.5″), fastest power switch considering a high-end camera, and as light as my orginal camera.

One of the reasons, why I went to bought such a expensive and quality camera because whenever I would strike a pose at a picture, I would be blown away, baffled, and I would want to achieve the same result. My DSCH1, out performs everything I imagined in a Digital Camera, it gives me the power of precision in several multitudes, the control of every shot and the quality I strive for so much.

With its 12x Optical Zoom, 48x Digital Zoom, it gets the picture I always want. To better view the results, it provides a 2.5 inch viewing screen for greater satisfaction, and ergonomically placed controls that get the job done as fast as possible. With Multitude of features, Sony CyberShot is one digital camera no one should miss out on.


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