March 8, 2006

“The Broker” by John Grisham Review

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From the top, anyone interested in learning the culture, language to some extent, and people about Italy should really read this book. In some ways it as quick tour guide if you ever wanted to travel the streets of Milan, or Bologna and savior the taste of fresh coffee and exquisite bakery.

Joel Backman, a powerful broker in state of Washington or the whole United States for that matter, get his hand on something which invendently gets the best of him. Through the help of the President soon to be kicked out of the Oval Office and a long CIA executive, Backman gets sent to a European country for a special mission which will determine the future of satellite domination.

John Grisham, another unknown author to me, provides a very complex story but at the same time makes it imaginable with descriptive analysis of characters, and situation. The story not only gives a amazing back drop where Backman must survive and become costumed to the culture, and language but it gives a discomfort overview of the world of satellite. What I mean by discomfort is not about not understand what the book is talking about but rather the control which developing nations have over us. No one is the world is safe anymore, with globalization erupting everywhere, the world has never seem so small before.

Great read accept the at the end of the book, where everything seems to happen so fast with multiple storylines coliding together to give the whole picture.


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