April 26, 2006

“Final Fantasy Advent Children” Movie Review

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After being taunted for months and months on the North American release date, I was verge of giving up. Finally, all that wait was too some extent worth it. What do I mean to some extent, well, aside from beautiful graphics and fast action fighting scenes, I was totally lost in the story line. I have to admit, I am not a major fan of Final Fantasy series, but I have played several of them to be able to understand what is going on. Anyways, I was able to grasp the purpose of the movie’s plot and I am glad it had one, or else it would have been another animation movie.

If you have been playing Final Fantasy video games or watching the latest movies, you would have noticed that the whole notion of the story is about mother nature or simply planet Earth. When “Final Fantasy Spirits Within” came out a while back, it dealt with the same concept of saving the earth by seeking potential life forms all across the planet, which had been lost under a alien attack. Now, if you look at the plot of Advent Children, it deals with the same concern of appreciating life and be able to protect it in order to live a wonderful life.

Now if you compare the Advent Children to our problem concerning that amount of pollution were are producing, to vaging wars and expanding industrial contruction to all corners of the earth, we can learn a good lesson from the movie.


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