July 16, 2006

MacBook: 3Vs3 Review

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One more person to have switched from PC to Mac and its not because of the new Apple commericals that dipict two men representing PC and Mac. Although it did make me laugh but there are more legitimate reasons why I switched over to a Mac.

1. Since the new Mac’s are now equiped with Intel Core-Duo Processors, its always me to play around Windows Xp to if I wanted but so far there has been no urgent need to try it out.
2. Well, since I have been using PC’s for quite a while, you would think, it would be hard to adjust to a whole new user interface. Well, wrong, if you look at what Microsoft is doing with its new Windows Vista, Apple has already achieved it in its OS. So naturally it felt way more confortable using the Mac then I would have ever imagined.

Now to get down to the 3Vs3 review of the MacBook.

pRo’s: 1. With dual-core processor, its incredibly fast and it never crashes. 2. Amazing software called the iLife 06 that has all the necessary applications I would ever need such as iPhoto, iTunes, iDvd, iMovie, and iCal which by the way seems a lot similar to new Google’s calander. 3. Lastly its very stylish and with glossy 13.1 screen, its incredibly bright and produces no harmful effects on the eyes.

There are several cOn’s with the MacBook also: 1. The fan at the back gets really hot and gets really worried. Since the MacBook runs on Intel’s new chip a lot of software avaliable are not compatiable and I hope Apple does something about it really fast. Lastly I cant think of anything so far, since I have only spent like two weeks on it.

Final thoughts: So far everything has been running really smoothly and I hope it keeps that way for a long time, and I dont know how but I feel very much in control of my laptop.


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