August 8, 2006

Why MAC OS Leopard?

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Recently, Steve Jobs released new details about the next Mac OS called Leopard, an upgrade from last years OS called Tiger. Since I am new user to the Apple world of constant upgrade to either iPods, MacBooks or OS systems, I had figured out the reason why Apple does this. To keep new customers exicted about Apple, steve keeps releasing new iPods with different sizes or releasing new OS systems and recently upgrading all Macs with Intel chips. I hope Apple keeps it this way because I dont want steve to get a new deal with AMD chips.

So, sticking with my philopshy of Apple strategy, I have to say I am really exicted about new Leopard coming next spring. There are actually two really crazy features I cant wait to try out.

  • First the new Time Machine add-on which lets you backup your files automatically and be able to restore your lost files, very similar to Windows XP’s restore system but the Mac’s version is way cooler and so easy.
  • Second the Web Clip widget feature which lets any user create their own widgets from any site they are interested with simple four clicks of a mouse. I think this feature will easily replace my RSS feeds which I constantly keep checking with dull and boring news updates.

August 3, 2006

Florida Voting Machine, 2002, Bush

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Florida Voting Machine, 2002, Bush

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