September 27, 2006

Try something new today!!

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Have you ever wondered about your life and why is it so boring. Why are people tense, depressed and stressed? I know why, because there are too many uncontrollable factors that surround us and we cant handle them i.e. keeping your job, paying your bills, managing your life and etc. I call them uncontrollable because the decisions we make effect us is some way or another and there is no way of escaping it, unless you try something new each day.

You dont have to think too hard, just simple ideas that pop into your head, note them and create a action to achieve within a certain period. For example, I have decided I will say “Hi” and follow it with a “How are you doing” to at-least five people each day. This will make it a total of 35 people each week. The reason why I propose this action is because I have seen and felt this enormous social gap in our society. We the people define and create the society around us, if we are too involved in your own life’s, the fabric of society is diminished. To many people walk around with Ipods, listening hits that don’t matter or very little connection with their audience. Canada is at the critical stage of multiculturalism and the world is becoming more and more globalized.

Its time to make a change and change the world.


Globe and Mail: Musharraf Tells Canada

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In a recent interview by a CBC, Musharraf tells Canada like never before. His blunt style almost shocked me, but later I realized he was speaking the truth. North Americans don’t realize the significance of a war because the media keeps censoring the content in effort to win people’s confidence of war. When people don’t realize whey troops are dyeing, the impact it has on people is far greater then showing the people of the real danger. No matter how well the troops are equipped with high tech weapons, casualties will happen.

It seems to me that more money gets spent on preventing people from dyeing is out of our control then money spent on things that we have actually control of. Fighting terrorism will only bring more terrorism. We are no longer living in the 20th century, war is not a patriot anymore but a regretful path. In order to understand this better, lets take two sides of the war, one; we know war does not stop violence but only strengths its roots and two; if we know war strengths more violence then why do we go to war, well to gain political friendship to to profit in some or another.

The classic example would be the invasion of Iraq. New intelligence has shown, radical extremism has grown even more by invading Iraq. If the purpose of the invasion was to bring democracy why has the opposite happened. If we know, the reason is that fighting is no longer the answer, then why is war going on. There are many conclusion one can come up with, but the point will remain the same till the end of time, STOP FIGHTING, no good will ever come out of it.

NEW PHILOSOPHY: Change your Mind; Change the World

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Yes I am back with a new view of the world. Blogging was in mind for a very long time, but I never really found out a valid reason to pursue it. Then it hit me, I dont have to think of a brillant idea in order to keep me focused on posting blogs, no it was by looking the world around me that affected the way I meet people, interact and resolve my daily problems.

So I have decided to invest my time on reading the newspaper almost everyday and pick a article that most interests me and talk about it. I have also planned a daily routine that I think will benefit a lot of people if you put in the effort. So today I will provide the first taste of my new venture.

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