September 27, 2006

Try something new today!!

Filed under: Life — mrkhan @ 9:57 pm

Have you ever wondered about your life and why is it so boring. Why are people tense, depressed and stressed? I know why, because there are too many uncontrollable factors that surround us and we cant handle them i.e. keeping your job, paying your bills, managing your life and etc. I call them uncontrollable because the decisions we make effect us is some way or another and there is no way of escaping it, unless you try something new each day.

You dont have to think too hard, just simple ideas that pop into your head, note them and create a action to achieve within a certain period. For example, I have decided I will say “Hi” and follow it with a “How are you doing” to at-least five people each day. This will make it a total of 35 people each week. The reason why I propose this action is because I have seen and felt this enormous social gap in our society. We the people define and create the society around us, if we are too involved in your own life’s, the fabric of society is diminished. To many people walk around with Ipods, listening hits that don’t matter or very little connection with their audience. Canada is at the critical stage of multiculturalism and the world is becoming more and more globalized.

Its time to make a change and change the world.


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